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Front Row International (Private) Limited

Front Row International is a leading distributor of health and beauty products in Sri Lanka, offering a wide range of skincare, haircare, personal care, makeup, and wellness products. They purchase products from manufacturers and resell them to retailers, pharmacies, salons, and spas, as well as directly to consumers. In addition to distribution, they provide value-added services such as marketing and promotional support, product training and education, and logistics and delivery services. Front Row International has a deep understanding of the industry and strong relationships with partners in the supply chain, allowing them to source high-quality products at competitive prices and deliver them efficiently to customers.

Front Row International Trading L.L.C

Front Row International Trading is involved OS&E (Operating Supplies and Equipment) trading refers to the buying and selling of products and equipment that are used in the day-to-day operation of businesses in the hospitality industry. This can include items such as linens, towels, beddings, tableware, glassware, kitchen equipment, cleaning supplies, and other items that are necessary for the smooth operation of hotels, restaurants, bars, and other hospitality establishments. Front Row International Trading is responsible for its own import and export operations. The trading arm of the company sources and procures the raw materials, ingredients, and finished products for Front Row International Sri Lanka’s health and beauty product line from various suppliers and manufacturers around the world.

Front Row - Invest Inside Dubai Inc.

Front Row – Invest Inside Dubai Inc. is a real estate consulting and licensed real estate agent to represents buyers and sellers in real estate transactions company based in Dubai. Specializes in high-end residential, commercial, or industrial properties.

Front Row International Fzc

Front Row International FZC is a company that offers a range of digital services and solutions to help businesses improve their online presence, streamline their operations, and meet their digital goals. Offer services such as website development, mobile app development, digital marketing, social media management, search engine optimization, and e-commerce solutions.

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